Day: events padova

Run for Padua, what is this?


It 'a night like many others, I just finished my workout and I am going to go home with my car a bit 'rickety. Time to make a few meters that my journey is interrupted. A man riding a scooter and a car police stop me from proceeding. Guardo the right hand,none! I look to the left,none! I look behind, none! I look forward, one machine in the opposite direction who gave up at the start to understand what is happening, and opted to switch off the engine. Just ask the little man while I evaluate whether the scooter thing is going to happen,from the left I check a gentleman who runs, has a yellow uniform with written CXP and behind him another 2 ... 3 ... 10 ... 1000 dressed like him. Unless it is a new band ghostbusters or a form of flashmob to me still unknown, I decide to ask what traits. Down the window and education bourgeois-like wonder to the good man who has blocked my trip what is happening. "And 'the RUN FOR PADUA"I answered. Closes the window,expect that also the last rider tired and sore steps, gear and allotment. Along the way, the question that arises is: What will this ever Run for Padua? I decided to document ... Once home I turn on my pc and faithful to the official website of the event / event read:

"The Run X Padua consists of a series of evening sessions of training to your running / walking for amateurs and enthusiasts. It takes place in the streets, squares, parks and embankments of the city on a weekly basis. The sessions are held, normally, every Thursday, starting at 20:30 "